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James Tripp - Blogger, Explorer, Psychonaut, Creator and Hypnosis Developer

James Tripp - Blogger, Explorer, Psychonaut, Creator and Hypnosis Developer

James Tripp - 14 February 2019

Hello and welcome to

Today I have been reflecting upon the nature and function of this website, and recognising that, in truth, I have never really been happy with it at any point since it’s launch way back when!

Indeed, across time I have grown less and less happy with it despite re-writing it many times - my feeling now is that it has grown stale, and it is therefore time for some excitatory action… time to bring it fully back to life!


Simply put, I’m going to start blogging again! (Written blogging, that is - I’ve been video blogging on James Tripp | Chaos Wave for many years now.)

Hence forth, will be a kind of ‘living book’ - unfolding in public and, ideally, with contribution by it’s readers through the comments.

The topic is: Exploring the Nexus of Mind and Life

PLEASE NOTE: This space is about my Developmental Coaching services only - if you are looking for my work in Hypnosis Without Trance - please visit!

If you are a UK Military Veteran or Veteran family member looking for assistance with getting your head right and/or transitioning to civilian life, please visit:

If, however, you are looking to find out more about my Developmental Coaching philosophy, format, fees and biases, please read on/explore the site on your own terms!

“James Tripp is one of the most powerful coaches I have had the chance to work with!

It is said that when you are ready and looking for a mentor, s/he will show up for you. Last spring it was my time, to meet mine, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Any words I could use to describe my experience with James Tripp would be too weak. And yet, it was nothing that he did TO me - he helped me uncover and manifest that which I already had inside, but I wasn’t sure if I was ‘allowed’ to uncover.”
— Cezar Cehan - Sales Trainer and Coach and Author of Heart to Heart Selling (developmental coaching client)

Developmental Coaching

If you are thinking of booking coaching with me, you need to know something of my coaching philosophy and what I do and don’t do… so read on!

There was a young man who said, ‘Damn
For I’m beginning to see that I am
A creature that moves
In determinate grooves:
I’m not even a bus - I’m a tram!’
— Alan Watts

Human beings are fundamentally developmental creatures. This means we are born with an innate capacity to develop in our understandings, perspectives, capabilities and patterns of engagement.

The coaching work I do is all about putting people in the driving seat of their own self-development so that they can become the person they need to be to create a life that is both rewarding and fulfilling for both themselves and those others they choose to co-create with (friends, family, enterprise partners and more).

This developmental orientation and focus on who you are becoming is the underpinning of all the work.

For this reason you will not get coaching in terms of ‘action steps and acountability’, you will get coaching in terms of developing the patterns of being and engagement with life that habitually create the results results that you want.

The Creator Frame

Many coaches claim to suspend their biases and coach exclusively from the clients ‘model of the world’ - they are deluding themselves! We always come from our biases so, given this, it is better to acknowledge them, and utilise them to good effect rather than being ‘hypnotised’ and controlled by them. For this reason I 'wear my biases on my sleeve.'

My primary bias in both coaching and in life is the creator frame - this is a way of looking at our lives from the perspective of how we participate in the creation of both our ongoing experience and the habitual results that we get in life.

In all the work we do, I will be 100% biased towards you increasing your power and capability as a conscious creator of your life. (This does NOT mean consciously struggling to overcome your unconscious patterning, it means bringing consciousness to working with the totality of who you are and who you are becoming - this is the true nature of personal mastery).

From this perspective, the work is all about you recreating yourself as a more effective creator of your life.

As such, in working with me, I will explicitly treat you as the dominant creative force in your own life and coach you towards your full potential in that role.

Be > Do > Have

So why do we need to recreate ourselves to truly recreate our lives?

The answer lies in the Be > Do > Have formula.

Be > Do > Have is how we work and how our lives work - our habitual results in life (what we have) emerge from how we habitually engage with the world around us (do) which, in turn, emerges from both how we are psychologically organised AND how we psychologically organise our selves and our realities ongoing (how we are 'being').

When people try to change their lives they often try to change what they have without really changing much about what they do (except in the crudest sense) or try and change what they do without really changing how they are being. These approaches rarely yield sustainable success. If you know this already, this may well be why you are here!

When we work together, we work at the front end of the equation - how you are being! This means seeing deeply into the matrix of who you are how you create and stepping into your power to affect inner transformation that, in turn, leads seemlessly to an outer change in the shape of your life.

Recreate Your Self to Recreate Your Life!

“Thank you for helping me to regain the flexibility and feeling of finally getting my life back 🙂

To cut the long story short - I have now fully recovered from the period of depression/anxiety that had been present in my life for 1.5 years. I’m doing very well at work, my relationship with my partner is flourishing again and I have gone out on multiple occasions where I met some interesting new people, with whom I’ll remain in touch (I had been struggling with a terrible and overwhelming social phobia before) so feel free to use this summary as a testimonial and put in on your website if your want to - I’ll be more than happy for you to do so 🙂”
— Ms J - UK Skype client (issues specific changework)

Issue Specific Changework

For many years I offered issue specific changework as a service - this is something I no longer do!


This does not mean that you cannot bring specific issues or outcomes to the coaching!

Indeed, you can bring as many as you wish, but they will be 100% yours to own and, in my view, 100% secondary to your development as an empowered creator of your life. In practice, this means that whatever you bring will be used in service of this 'higher cause' rather than than as ends in and of themselves.

The exception here (and it’s only a partial exception) is in the work I do with military veterans and families via

“You know, I think having sessions with James, something in my head has just clicked! I’m nowhere near as bad... I hardly even feel the way I did before. Not shaking anymore, having a laugh in meetings etc. I feel great!”
— Mr C - following 2 sessions addressing Post Traumatic Stress and Social Anxiety

Professional Bio

James Tripp is an internationally recognised and respected personal adaptedness coach, generative hypnotist and teacher of self-mastery, hypnosis and influential communication.

James Tripp Presenting at Wellbeing Now!

James Tripp Presenting at Wellbeing Now!

Coming from a diverse background including philosophy, music, martial arts, movement culture and NLP, James is also the developer of the critically acclaimed Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis.

Beyond working with his developmental coaching clients and between ‘walking the earth’ to run workshops in the areas of his expertise all around the globe, James also works with UK military veterans via in restoring mental health and adapting to civilian life.

His ‘home turf (London and Edinburgh) workshops also typically draw students from around the world.

A Note on Hypnosis

Because I am known for my expertise in Hypnosis, people sometimes ask me if I can't just 'hypnotise' them to be different in some way they have decided would be better.

Working with 'hypnosis' - many modalities are drawn on in this work, and naturally I make use of my skills as a hypnotist/psychoactive facilitator.

Working with 'hypnosis' - many modalities are drawn on in this work, and naturally I make use of my skills as a hypnotist/psychoactive facilitator.

To me, hypnosis is simply the strategic use of human communication to move human minds and, as such, is a powerful tool for shifting experience and perspective. What it does NOT do is reprogram people as if they were nothing but simple machines (although sometimes it can appear that way).

Some hypnotists claim to be able to 'fix any problem' in just one short session, a claim that, in my view, betrays a very limited understanding of human beings and human life and completely ignores the developmental nature of mind and behaviour.

Could I, for example, choose a random homeless person from a street corner and hypnotise them to have the patterns of thought, experience and engagement of a Steve Jobs or a Dalai Lama (or any other human being, for that matter)? Not a chance! (And neither could anyone else.)

The reality is that we are developmental creatures and the nature of development is that difference builds on difference... and there is no way to magically bypass this!

'Hypnosis' - sometimes formal, sometimes 'conversational... and almost always non-traditional - is a key part of how I coach, but it is used 100% in the service of your development and not as a magical means to attempt to bypass it.

And, please note, this does NOT mean that you cannot get radical transformative shifts as a result of single hypnotic interventions (you can), it just means that oftentimes the overall journey is greater than a mere single step.

“I don’t know what you did, but the whole thing [anxiety/panic] just disappeared”
— Mr S - London (Hypnotic Intervention for anxiety/panic when when using London Underground)

“Brilliant! I noticed the difference immediately after the work began.

The cravings were massively reduced in strength and only lasted a couple of seconds before disappearing. I also started to really enjoy the simple pleasures in life like enjoying the sun and taking walks with my family instead of wanting to smoke (crack).”
— Mr A - Successful Business Owner (Course of ypnosis for Crack Cocaine Addiction - don't always believe the stereotypes!)

Peer Feedback

"James, James, James... I want to let you know how much I appreciate your work. I am an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer (US and UK) with a 30 year history in the field, and quite frankly, when I look around the 'academic and professional hypnosis community', I see more bullshit than substance.

It is refreshing to see you at your art... and your great language utilization is as natural as it is effective. You are a member of an elite circle... you are the real deal."

Michael Watson - International Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP


Judy Rees.jpeg

"Unlike some other coaches (and I know a lot), he has developed the knack of switching attention to the aspects of life that REALLY inspire and excite you, as a unique individual. A session that may perhaps have started on a rather flat note builds into a beautiful, rhythmic tune… and finally to a glorious crescendo of energy and motivation.

Wrapped into that effortless-looking process is a huge amount of skill and experience. I unhesitatingly recommend James and his work.”

Judy Rees – X-Ray Listener and Co-Author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds




“I have worked professionally as an agent of change for twelve years, done thousands of client sessions and read several hundred books on Psychology, NLP and Hypnosis...

James gave me several useful nuances that I am using in my daily work, and his ideas have inspired me to develop some useful modifications, experiments and techniques of my own. Strongly recommended!”

Jørgen Rasmussen – Author of Provocative Hypnosis and Provocative Suggestions





“I thoroughly recommend spending some time in [James'] company. He knows many things, has the flexibility of an NLPer (a good one) the intent of a hypnotist (a good one) and the manners of a true gent.

He will bend you in two with his mind.”

Anthony Jacquin – Hypnotist, International Trainer and author of Reality is Plastic