All Those Dirty Big Words...

This video (below) was created in response to another YouTube video, where someone was saying that there was a lot to learn from me if you could get past the 'big words'. Well, my hope is that people won't get past the words but instead will instead use them as the portals to new possibility that they are.

Words are powerful, because each word represents a concept, and when we embody that concept such as we can orient to the world through it, we are able to use it to create shifts in focus, engagement with life and personal efficacy.

In this respect words are powerful and magical means to shape reality - they don't work automatically, but as gateways to concepts.

So what do you do when you hear a new word or distinction - stare at it in confusion? Ignore it and walk on by? Or do you see it as an invitation and step through the doorway into a new nuance on reality?

My strong recommendation is on the latter!