Are Your Ready to Repattern Yourself as the Dominant Creative Force in Your Life?

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>>Power of Eight 2.0 - the Creative Force Collective<<


This is what Power of Eight 2.0 is about!

Hi there, my name is James Tripp and it is my pleasure to welcome you to this introduction page for Power of Eight 2.0

If you don’t already know, Power of Eight 2.0 is…

  • What? An Online Deep Coaching Collective…

  • For? Independent practitioners and life path creators…

  • Looking to? Develop powerfully as embodied creators of wealth, prosperity and personal fulfilment.

This page is NOT a sales page, so what you will find here is simple information only, outlining the nature, focus and values of Power of Eight, along with details on how to apply should you wish to secure a placement in the forthcoming intake.

>>> Next Group Beginnning April 2019! <<<

Question: What is the dominant force currently shaping your life?

Is it money? Circumstances? Other people? The ‘system’? Your history? Your personality? Your upbringing? Your ‘nature’?

It is certainly true that life is rich and complex and in every situation there are multiple variables at play, but where are YOU* in the melee of it all? And by ‘you’ I mean the volitional force - the ‘I the chooses’? Do YOU have a leading voice? Do YOU have your hands on the reins?

Are you connected deeply into your power to exert optimal influence and create favourable results from circumstance as it unfolds?

Power of Eight is about upping our game as effective volitional creators both in and of our own lives. That is, becoming individuals richly empowered to create wealth, prosperity and fulfilment as it serves both ourselves and those who are important to us.

If this resonates with you and you consider deep personal transformation humanly possible… you might be a good fit for Power of Eight!

* As a philosophical aside, some reading this (perhaps coming from a ‘non-duel’ or similar perspective’) may argue that there is no ‘you’ or ‘I’ - that ‘you’ and ‘I’ are merely constucts. In Power of Eight we can accept this position and yet still recognise the power in these constructs… and in doing so increase our consciousness in shaping them to fulfilling ends. This is a foundation of becoming self-authoring and self-transforming and provides the base from which we recreate our engagement with the world and the results that such engagement brings.

If a thing is humanly possible, consider it to be witin your reach.
— Marcus Aurelius

Power of Eight - Unpacking the primary Focus

Power of Eight is a developmental coaching group that respects individuality, with each individual member acknowledged and honoured as a soverign creator in their own lives. Whilst every individual will create (and be coached in creating) unique personal transformations from their participation in the group, this is not to say that the group is without collective focus at the centre of it!

The primary focus of Power of Eight is for each member to develop powerfully as an…

Embodied creator of wealth, prosperity and personal fulfilment.

But what exactly does this mean?

the creation frame

The primary frame for Power of Eight is Creation. To create (as we are using the term) is to take exsisting elements (either raw or previously refined) and combine them into something new… something that did not exist before that act of creation.

On the top level with Power of Eight we are looking to create wealth, prosperity and fulfilment (more on that below).

Chunking down a little we may create our top level through creating businesses, artworks, products, services, quality relationships, social and/or movements, resource protfolios, homes, lifestyles, differences for key individuals or groups etc.

Chunking down again, we create those through creating practices, environmental contexts, attitudes, outlooks, perceptions, self narratives, understandings, orientations, response sets, funtioning belief structures etc.

So, essentially, the creation frame is applied to every level of operation, from the micro to the macro, and it is a frame that puts us squarely in connection with (and still further develops) our power as an agent of difference in the world.

As a point of contrast, the creation frame is very different from the control frame (which is a popular frame for people looking to shape their lives) - wheras the control frame seeks to control or even deny the inherent and infinite complexity of life (pulling us in to endless struggles and arguments with reality) the creation frame accepts that complexity opens us to working generatively with it.

Fundamentally, the creation frame is a frame that puts us powerfully in the driving seat of our lives, and this is why it is central to the work of Power of Eight!

Embodied Creator

To be an emodied creator means to embody a set of understandings, attitudes, habits and behaviours - or ways of being - that are inherently generative (create positive difference in the world) by their very nature. By ‘embody’ we mean to hold these in a rich and total sense, rather than merely intellectually or superficially. For them to become part of our very being.

This idea of embodiment is crucial as the whole of Power of Eight is predicated upon the Be > Do > Have formula.

Be > Do > Have is a model for how we fundamentally work as influencers and results creators - our habitual results in life (what we have) emerge from how we habitually engage with the world around us (do) which, in turn, emerges from both how we are psychologically organised AND how we psychologically organise our selves and our realities ongoing (how we are 'being').

Most often in life, when people try to change their habitual results in life they attempt to make the change at the level of behaviour, because thats what seems most obvious. The trouble is, when we try to simply replace behaviours without transforming the ways of being and seeing they are emerging from, we end up in argument and struggle with ourselves. This undermines both our efficacy in achieving desired results AND the levels of fulfilment we experience from the process.

So, with Power of Eight we work largely at the front end of the equation first - how you are being! Hence the focus on embodied transformation and embodying a way of being that creates the results we want by default.

To be clear, there is no claim here that this is a simplistic task - it requires commitment, time, attention, ownership and consciousness - but it is a phenomenally rich seam for personal development and personal mastery and, should you choose to lean into this edge…

you will make hugely worthwhile gains in terms of capacity and capability.

wealth, prosperity and personal fulfilment

In Power of Eight, wealth, prosperity and personal fulfilment are our the chosen, guiding ‘top level outcomes’ for our creative focus. This is not to say that this is the sum-total of what life is all about, but neither are they arbitrary choices. So let’s look at what these terms mean:

Wealth - We are using the term here to refer to accrued resources. Obviously we are including money in this but it also extends to include all manner of assets - material, social, cultural, intellectual and even spiritual. Our aim with wealth goals with Power of Eight is not necesarily riches beyond wildest dreams (though it might be) but sufficient wealth be in place to freely facilitate further creation and generative action in life (and to remove lack of wealth as a barrier to shaping a fulfiling and productive life).

Prosperity - Prosperity, as we are using the term here, refers to a dynamic state of ongling life success and thriving. The term is a little different from weatlh in that, whilst wealth and wealth flow are facilitators of prosperity, prosperity goes beyond beyond weath and into richer still dimensions.

Fulfilment - Fulfilment is simply the deep satisfaction resulting from the development and realisation of one's potential. It is quite possible to create wealth (through toil and sacrifice) at the expense of fulfilment, but in Power of Eight this is definitley not what we are aiming to achieve.

Again, Power of Eight respects individuality - these are guiding outcomes for the work but ultimately you may well nuance them to better fit your personal values-sets and chosen life direction, and this nuancing is something that is encouraged.

For Independent Practitioners and Life Path Creators

Power of 8 is a group exclusively for independent practitioners and life path creators. This means people who’s daily decisions directly influence their income and who are free to choose how they allocate their work and leisure time. Generally speaking this will mean those who are self-employed, business owners, artists, independent practitioners and the like.

Essentially, those who have no ‘boss’ other than themselves!

If you are currently in the employ of another but have already made a commitment to go beyond that and become the master of your own destiny, you may also be a good fit for the group but only if this is something you absolutely are doing (not readying yourself to, some time in the future).

If you are currently in the full time employ of others and are not looking to move into your own employ, this group is most definitely not for you (although, I may be happy to coach you privately if you are clear on your developmental edges)!

Why is This 'Deep' Coaching?

The term ‘Deep Coaching’ refers to the fact that we are going for changes at the ‘deep’ level - how you are seeing and being… at the level of your ‘deep operating system’. This is as opposed to simply coaching around decision making and strategy (although, this is by no means excluded from the coaching mix of Power of Eight).


Power of Eight 2.0 is comprised of 18 Zoom based group coaching sessions (each lasting 120 minutes) facilitated by me (James Tripp) + 6 peer-to-peer, all conducted across a 6 month period, with all group sessions recorded and posted to a private facebook group (Lexi will be ensuring that this happens!). In addition, a dynamic resource library is also created as we go, comprising of downloadable audios (mp3) covering specific topics, mindshifts and meta-programmes that warrant a specific spotlighting.

Each group session is a mix of…

  • General exploration of both individual and collective ‘organisations of reality’ - programs and metaprograms - looking at how they function to create the results that they do. From this you will come to see both the structures that keep you trapped along with those that will liberate you.

  • Individual, personalised coaching for those who wish to step forward and bring something specific into the space (do not underestimate how much collective benefit can come from individual coaching within a group context - everyone benefits).

All coaching is conducted through a mix of Generative Dialogue and Psychoactive Facilitation (generally leaning more towards the former unless a specific facilitation is called for).

The fee for Power of Eight is £1888 payable upon acceptance of application.

Areas of Focus

As we have already noted, the ‘top level’ focus for Power of Eight is that of becoming a more effective creator of wealth, prosperity and fulfilment in your life. How this is realised will be dependant upon the unfolding dynamics of the individual group - there is no fixed curriculum! That said, there are numerous possible areas of focus that we are likely to be drilling into, including:

  • Creating and managing motivation and inspiration

  • Developing intention and intentionality (ensuring you are living ‘on purpose’)

  • Managing time and attention

  • Developing personal acuity for our own trances and trance structures

  • Identifying developmental edges

  • Working extensively with self belief and self narrative (self creation)

  • Developing higher levels of ownership and personal power

  • Richly understanding our own psyches

  • Becoming a better witness to our own processes

  • Developing our ‘generative conversation with the world’

  • Developing creativity and creative process

  • Developing influential engagement

To be clear this list is neither exhaustive nor binding - the direction of the group is a co-creation of its members, with every member encouraged to participate fully and to take ownership of their developmental engagement. Should you become a member of this group, you will be actively encouraged to proactively bring your developmental needs into the coaching space. It is from this that Power of Eight is created.


Power of Eight operates within the context of 8 primary core ‘values’…

  • Creation

  • Leverage

  • Freedom

  • Fulfilment

  • Adaptibility

  • Discovery

  • Responsibility/Ownership

  • Empowerment

Of course, these are not the only values at play, but they are included here as ‘resonance points’. So, going instinctively, do they resonate with you?

If they do not - if they jar in any way - this could be a ‘red flag’ that you may not be a good fit for Power of Eight (and vice vresa).

Why 2.0?

Last year I ran two pilots for Power of Eight. From what I learned running these groups, I have made some upgrades to the format and facilitation (specifically, the addition of peer-to-peer work, the structured resource library and formal admin support). I have also made some alterations to the conditions for participation, with the aim to facilitate higher levels of synergy and generativity within the group… so hence 2.0!

Requirements for Participation

Beyond the primary requirement of being and independent practitioner or life path creator, there are a few other requirements for participation…

  • You must understand, at least intellectually, that we do not percieve the world as it is, but instead percieve it through our conceptualisations. I.e. we shape our experience according to how we are unconsciously conceptualising each moment. This is essential, because it provides us a nexus through which to repattern our engagements with the world that is otherwise erased if we are falling for the ‘Truth Trap’.

  • You must be willing to objectively question and examine deeply cherished beliefs.

  • You must be willing to explore different ways of being and seeing.

  • You must be ready to ‘invest in loss’ - i.e. let go of old ideas that may have served you getting ‘here’, but are holding you back from getting ‘there’.

  • You must be willing to take ownership of your choices, role in shaping your life, developmental outcomes and results in life… and be willing to deepen that ownership.

  • You must be willing to proactively engage in the group (speak up, speak out, ask questions and bring your challenges).

  • You must be willing to look and speak with complete honesty (this doesn’t mean ‘revealing all’ but it does mean not decieving ourselves and/or others)

What To Expect from Me!

From me, you will get the full benefit of my experience and expertise as a Neurolinguist and Psychoactive Facilitator along with my experience as a Creator, ‘self-metaprogrammer’ (over 25 years of proactive and productive ‘personal mastery’ development).

Personally, when I choose a coach I generally choose based upon how effective they are and have been in shaping their own lives (the exceptions to this are skills specific coaches). Whilst I don’t claim to be any kind of ‘master of the universe’ I do have a form as a creator, including…

Original music, bands, internalised skill-sets (martial arts, musicianship, coaching and changework skills, mentalism skills, communication skills, hypnosis and more), several ‘parctitioner’ based businesses (martial arts training, NLP training, manual therapy, hypnotherapy, coaching), a niche YouTube channel with over 17,000 subscribers and 350 videos, an internationally acclaimed approach to understanding and performing hypnosis (Hypnosis Without Trance), over a dozen online educational programmes, a 6 figure income (GBP) doing what I love, a 9 month round the world trip for my family (2016-2017, whilst still creating income), independently curated education for my two daughters, a flexible ‘international’ lifestyle for myself and my family, and a fantastic home and business base in the City of Edinburgh’s West End.

Through all of this I have continued to develop as a creator (transcending many blocks and sticking points) and all that I have learned and all that I am continuing to learn is in the mix of what I bring as coach and facilitator in Power of Eight.

In addition to the above, you will also get my full attention and intention during the time we spend together, and my complete honesty (not necesarily unvarnished, as a little dipmomacy in communication is not always such a bad thing!) as Power of Eight is designated a ‘no-bullshit’ zone).

It is worth noting, I coach with my ‘biases on my sleeve’ - this means I own my biases 100% whilst acknowledging them as biases (not mistaking them for ‘truths’).



If you are looking for me to provide ‘accountability’ for your actions I will absolutely not be doing this. What I will hold you 100% accountable for is your ownwership.

In short what you choose to do or not do is down to you, but that you choose is something I will be relentlessly coaching you to connect with, and find true power within. Accountability of action runs counter to this - it infantalises as it encourages an abdication of personal power to an outside agent… not good!

So, be clear - if you are looking to get accountability for action from Power of Eight, it is not going to be a good fit for you!


The Power of Eight ‘Live Engagement’ consist of 18 Group Sessions (Facilitated by me, JT) + 6 Peer-to-peer sessions across 6 months.

Each session is conducted at 7pm London time (assuming synchrony in daylight savings, this should be 11am LA and 2pm NYC - please refer to Google for other timezones).

The timetable for the next group is:

  • GROUP SESSION 1: Tuesday April 2

  • GROUP SESSION 2: Tuesday April 9

  • GROUP SESSION 3: Tuesday April 16

  • GROUP SESSION 4: Tuesday April 30

  • GROUP SESSION 5: Tuesday May 07

  • GROUP SESSION 6: Tuesday May 21

  • GROUP SESSION 7: Tuesday June 4

  • GROUP SESSION 8: Tuesday June 11

  • GROUP SESSION 9: Tuesday June 18

  • GROUP SESSION 10: Tuesday July 9

  • GROUP SESSION 11: Tuesday July 16

  • GROUP SESSION 12: Tuesday July 23

  • GROUP SESSION 13: Tuesday August 6

  • GROUP SESSION 14: Tuesday August 27

  • GROUP SESSION 15: Tuesday September 3

  • GROUP SESSION 16: Tuesday September 10

  • GROUP SESSION 17: Tuesday September 17

  • GROUP SESSION 18: Tuesday October 01

  • P2P SESSION 1: Tuesday April 23

  • P2P SESSION 2: Tuesday May 14

  • P2P SESSION 3: Tuesday June 25

  • P2P SESSION 4: Tuesday July 30

  • P2P SESSION 5: Tuesday August 13

  • P2P SESSION 6: Tuesday September 24


If you have watched the video and read through the above and feel that you would like a place in the forthcoming Power of Eight group, please do contact me via the form below stating…

  • Why you would like to be part of Power of Eight

  • Why is now the right time?

  • Where you currently consider yourself to be as a creator of your own life

  • What you consider your primary areas of personal development to be

  • What you are looking to create in the world going forward

Each application will be considered individually, with a further online ‘interview’ (please forgive the term - nice and relaxed… nothing starchy!) offered to you if you are looking on paper like a good fit for the group.

Name *

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through this page. Should you have any questions, please do include them with your application and I will address them either by reply or during our personal conversation should we progress to that stage.

All the very best,

James Tripp