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What If I Don’t Know What I Want?

by admin on December 11, 2013

The most basic foundation of shaping up the life you want is KNOWING what you want! Stands to reason, right? After all, if you don’t know what you want it is very difficult to take (or allow to emerge) clear and congruent action toward it. But what if you just don’t know what you want?

Well, this isn’t so rare. Many people get so habituated into simply reacting to circumstances and feelings that they forget that they largely get to choose what their life and interactions are going to be about.

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Performance Machine!

by admin on December 1, 2013

This morning, I received an interesting enquiry regarding coaching. I decided to share some of the conversation here because I know that many people who read this blog have an interest in ‘high performance’, ‘state management’, ‘hypnosis’ and ‘unconscious programming’.

Hi James

I am looking for coaching work which can help with establishing powerful triggers during my work. I manage money and trade financial markets and have used several modalities to assist with the emotional aspects of this work and all of them have helped. 

I am interested in being able to create more unconscious triggers that make more of my skills and talents available while I am working. 

Do you think this is something you would be able to help me with? 

Hi *****

Let me see if I can help a little right here…

First off, I would suggest that your outcome as presented here sets for itself a trap. You are specifying a particular means (unconscious triggers) to an end (make more of my skills and talents while working). So we already have a ‘closed box’ inside of which to work, and it is very rare that effective work happens inside of such a box.

So, let me offer you a shift in perspective here… whilst I’m not exactly sure what you mean by ‘unconscious triggers’, I seriously doubt that they (or lack thereof) are what are stopping you from manifesting your skills and talents at their best.

From the way your question is framed, it sounds like you are asking from a behaviourism based ‘machine model’ of how humans work, so let me say this right here:

You are not a machine – you are a human being!

Now, whilst it is certainly true that the ‘machine model’ (trigger-response) CAN serve up to a point, it is worth recognising its limitations as it is NOT a particularly far reaching or complete representation of how we work. As such it is pretty limited as a model for performance psychology.

To be yourself at your best you will need to understand that human performance is not machine performance. As such you will access your skills and talents at your best when you remove the blocks in thinking and understanding that are keeping you from it, and, in turn, refine the underpinning understandings that best support the expression of those skills and talents.

If you take any world class player of any game, whilst they may create sequences and rituals that support them in the execution of their skills, their real performance power comes from their connection with the game, and this connection comes from how they see it and make sense of it. If, for example, they experience un-useful emotions, these are arising from ideas they are holding (and/or thoughts they are running) that are not serving them… NOT from a deficiency in appropriate triggers!

So, my question here to you is:

What do you want?

I mean, what do you really want? What is the outcome beyond your outcome? When you make more of your skills and talents, what does that get for you?

I ask these things because I am happy to work with you in bringing more fulfilment, prosperity and enriching human experience into your life, but if it is just about turning you into a high performance machine and be-damned the rest then I am not going to be the right guy for you.

All the very best



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